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Warning : A guy that uses the China's Baidu Spider to index pages that allow to send messages and an IP simulator program, that is ... / IP :, from Germany /, from Poland /, from Russian Federation /, from Ukraine /, from France, etc, etc ... / has tried to post sales messages of illegal drugs in this Guestbook, besides trying to deceive our policy of good morals, which filters out inappropriate messages before making them public, here in this site.

Everything indicates that this element, besides to be a Offender of the laws, is also stupid because it looks like it costs to realize that their messages of garbage will never be published on this site, therefore We reiterate that our system filters out inappropriate messages before making them public. But as he must be even an idiot, he continues trying and wasting time, as if that was worthwhile. This is really pitiful to know there are people like this, stupids and with no sense. The more he tries to post here, it shows how much he is an idiot vacated.

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